MilkywayEx | Your Ultimate 1-Stop Decentralized Trading Platform

The cryptocurrency industry & DEX Trading can be a pretty competitive one. Increasing the chances of winning the maximum benefits is more likely for those who reach out to the new Crypto-projects first.

MilkywayEx provides exclusive crypto-investment solutions to investors.

There are no exclusive services for crypto-investors to make early investments. The only available investment options are limited to public sales, especially for the new and small-scale investors.

MilkywayEx is a decentralized trading platform built on the Binance Smart Chain network that combines DEX services with the DeFi functionalities to offer leveraged trading. In this fast-paced industry, key insights can be the difference between the success and failure of the project.

MilkywayEx is leveling up your DEX trading games by giving a competitive edge to its users. We help investors exclusively to purchase and invest in cryptocurrency projects before the tokens are even released publicly.

How is MilkywayEx different? | MilkywayEx VS Other Binance DEX

MilkywayEx is an open-source automated market that offers seamless BSC tokens and the native token a.k.a “MILKY.” The project is fully decentralized and enables instant token exchanges. The project is developing a platform that will allow investors to buy into new cryptocurrency projects and feature protocols to help them achieve sustainable growth.

MilkywayEx Private IDO Launchpad |Why Buy Milky Now?

MilkywayEx is launching Private IDO on our Dapp. Here’s your chance to avail of a one-time offer to buy Milky Tokens at the best price offered to whitelisted buyers.

How to Buy tokens by Participating in MilkywayEx Private IDO

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can avail this opportunity to buy Milky Tokens and save big by buying from a private IDO sale round in 2022:

Step #1

Here’s the link to MIlkywayEx’s dApp

On the Left column, Press on Launchpad Button.

Step #2

Now connect to your Crypto-wallet and proceed to open the IDO pool.

Step #3

Make sure your wallet is whitelisted; otherwise, you won’t be able to make any purchases.

Step #4

With a whitelisted Wallet, you will open the IDO pool and now be required to enter the number of tokens you want to buy by pressing the “BUY TOKEN” button.

You can buy a min-max range of 0.1–2 Milky Token at a time.

Step #5

Once the purchase is made, check your token balance in the wallet to verify.

Utilities offered by MilkywayEx

MilkywayEx offers several utilities to the users, investors, and traders, including:

  • KYC

MilkywayEX will initiate partnership and feature projects where KYC are mandatory.

  • Project Analysis

The create function of the platform will double-check partner projects to ensure safety and reliability.

  • Financial Fund

MilkywayEX has a financial fund branch that establishes a fund to invest in potential projects.

  • Web Solution

To ensure security, MilkywayEX creates a second layer of anti-DDOS and evaluates wallet security features.

Apart from these features, MilkywayEX also has a staking function where investors can stake their tokens to participate in the IDO of new projects or earn APYs.

The IDO projects will also launch a farming function besides its two main launchpads. The first launchpad is reserved for Meme projects and the second launchpad for serious projects with utility. Moreover, MilkwayEx is developing a GameFi platform, which is a metaverse game platform with unlimited freedom.

The utility of MilkywayEX doesn’t end here as the MILKY token has an additional utility that enables investors to trade, farm, stake, and borrow tokens to earn yield or increase their trading leverage.

About MilkywayEX | Who Are We?

MilkywayEX is the most significant lending protocol that allows leveraged yield farming on the Binance Smart Chain.

Lenders can earn stable and safe yields while borrowing under collateralized loans on the project. Users can participate in the MilkywayEX as a lender, yield farmer, liquidator, or holder.

The DeFi capabilities of MilkywayEX amplify the liquidated layer of integrated exchanges and improve the project’s capital efficiency. The project is developed to offer the users safe, secure, and rewarding investment opportunities. To learn more about MilkywayEX, visit

Website | Telegram | Telegram Ann | Twitter | dApp |




MILKY aims to make a platform that constantly grows until it can achieve a fully decentralized status

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MILKY aims to make a platform that constantly grows until it can achieve a fully decentralized status

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